US-based hydrogen mobility company, Hyzon Motors, has announced its execution of the Covenant on Hydrogen in Mobility in Utrecht (the “Covenant”).

This partnership aims to deploy 1,800 hydrogen vehicles and up to 10 hydrogen refilling stations by 2025.

With the province of Utrecht being a leader in the hydrogen mobility space, through this initiative they plan to work together with Hyzon to leverage existing technology to supply zero emissions transportation solutions.

These solutions include the construction of five to 10 hydrogen filling stations, the deployment of 300 operational trucks and other hydrogen-powered heavy vehicles, the placement into service of 1,500 lighter vehicles (passenger cars and delivery vans) that run on hydrogen and operationalizing one to two hydrogen-powered water vessels and two to five hydrogen-powered coach buses.

Pledging a rapidly encroaching deadline of 2025, both parties are set to prioritize these particularly aggressive ambitions. With Hyzon Motors Europe BV moving into its new production facility in the Groningen area earlier in 2021, hydrogen trucks are already being produced and delivered to customers.

Craig Knight, CEO and co-founder of Hyzon, said, “The Utrecht 1,800 vehicle pledge connects and aligns partners along every step of the value chain: local governments, green hydrogen producers, distributers, FCEV OEMSs, and customers.”

“Hydrogen will play a significant role in decarbonizing transport; if we focus on building out the ecosystem through collaborations such as this and the Hyzon Zero Carbon Alliance, we can reach our zero emissions goals that much more swiftly.”

The Hyzon Zero Carbon Alliance is an international effort to advance hydrogen systems. Hyzon’s initiative pools together the collective expertise of founding members such as AXA, Bank of America, Raven SR, ReCarbon, and Total in order to make zero-emissions hydrogen mobility a reality.