IACX Energy, a nitrogen (N2) rejection and helium (He) recovery specialist, has revealed it will take receipt of Bureau of Land Management (BLM) He at its operating facility in Kansas, US.

At the end of May 2016, IACX tapped into the BLM Helium Pipeline and will refine the extracted crude, BLM He at its Kansas outfit to high purity.

A spokesperson at the company signified, “This operation represents IACX’s expansion into the high-purity gaseous He market to go alongside its current lift grade He offering.”

The BLM plant represents IAXC’s eighth He processing facility, with other site locations in Utah, Arizona, Colorado and Kansas. In total, it has 23 plants either operating or under contract across seven US states, although expansion via further plants is in the pipeline.


IACX Energy is a midstream company that owns and operates gathering, compression, dehydration and gas treating facilities. Additionally, the US-based business also employs proprietary N2 rejection and He recovery units.

The BLM operates and maintains a He storage reservoir, enrichment plant and pipeline system near Amarillo, Texas, that supplies over 40% of domestic demand for He in the US.