Industria Brasileira de Gases LTDA (IBG), Brazil’s only independent gas company, has revealed to gasworld that it is to expand its actual industrial and medical gases production capability.

IBG is building a new air separation unit at its main site in Jundiaí, in the state of São Paulo –set to be on-stream in April 2009.

When on-stream in April, the new ASU (or FOX IV, as it is internally known by IBG people) will be capable of producing up to 300 tonnes of gases to support the sustained growth of the private-owned company.

Although Brazil’s economy is already facing the effects of the international financial crisis, IBG notes that it is quite confident in allocating assets when others may doubt to do so.

Newton de Oliveira, President and CEO of IBG, told gasworld, “We at IBG do believe that at times of difficulties is when we shall show commitment and trust, preparing ourselves to meet our actual and future customers demands with our own high quality products in due time.”

“In spite of some local particularities, the Brazilian economy has always shown an extraordinary capability of recovery all along its history. This crisis will also pass, and IBG will be well prepared when time comes. We have a long term strategy and our investment program will be kept independently from any circumstantial crisis,” he reflected.

ASU Technology
Keen to illustrate its independency and innovation spirit, IBG has selected Gas Engineering LLC (GasEng), of Irvine, California, as its technological partner for the new venture.

GasEng is providing the latest state-of-the-art process engineering and equipment under an EPC contract, and IBG will be responsible for local works such as civil construction and erection.

Among other features will be one of the world’s largest Horizontal Storage (vacuum insulated) liquid oxygen tank, with a capacity of 600.000 litres, is being completely fabricated and erected on-site.