Industria Brasileira de Gases LTDA (IBG) is ramping-up gas production for the Brazilian merchant market, with the delivery and installation of a new liquid plant at its Sao Paulo site.

Irvine, California-based company Gas Engineering recently completed installation of the 300 tonnes per day (tpd) merchant liquid plant for IBG.

The plant is installed in Jundiai, Sao Paulo, where it produces oxygen, nitrogen and argon for the local merchant market. It’s also equipped with high purity distillation columns producing 99.99995% purity liquid oxygen and 99.9999% purity liquid nitrogen, for IBG’s specialty gas business.

Gas Engineering custom-designed the plant to the specific requirements of IBG and company President David Nunciato explained, “The high purity streams were technically challenging, but a key requirement since IBG currently imports these gases from the USA.”

$quot;We’re very proud of this facility and appreciative of the confidence and support that IBG placed in us.$quot;

IBG is Brazil’s only independent gas company and last year celebrated 16 years of business, having been founded in 1992 with the objective of offering an independent product and services offering for gas consumers.

Gas Engineering meanwhile, specialises in the design and fabrication of modular cryogenic air separation plants. The company offers comprehensive plant solutions for industrial gas manufacturing and operates offices in California, US, and Hangzhou, in the People's Republic of China.