Keen to tackle the challenges and costs of distribution in the vast territory of Brazil, Indústria Brasileira de Gases Ltda (IBG) has announced the introduction of two firsts in the areas of packaged gases and bulk supply.

IBG has introduced 300 bar cylinders in Brazil, and is also acquiring larger cryogenic trailers to carry as much as 20% more volume per trip than current trailers used.

In Brazil, industrial products are distributed by road and in a country of this size there are many logistic difficulties to break. Distribution costs are high, especially considering the fleet maintenance of vehicles that are frequently covering long distances on poor roads.

“Therefore, with these new cylinders, we hope to reduce distribution costs: we would deliver more volume with fewer visits to our clients,” IBG CEO Newton de Oliveira said.

Business Development Director Enrique Armstrong added, “We started filling with 300 bar the cylinders of argon, nitrogen and some selected mixtures, where we expect to benefit both our customers and the company operations.”

With the same objective in mind, IBG is acquiring larger cryogenic trailers with a capacity of 25,000m³ of liquid oxygen, to carry as much as 20% more volume per trip than trailers used until now.

IBG cryogenic trailer

Source: IBG

Sustaining growth

In a highly competitive market like Brazil, innovation is the route IBG is taking to ‘keep attractiveness and sustain growth’.

The company believes in the prospect of continuing to grow with double-digit rates, supported by proper investments and its highly motivated people. IBG has enjoyed rapid growth in just over 20 years since its inception in 1992, currently the only 100% Brazilian and privately-owned company.

The company has been able to grow and expand its operations, and is an independent player now with a network of 16 filling stations/branches in addition to its headquarters and main production and distribution centre in Jundiaí, São Paulo.