Linde Process Plants and ICA Fluor Daniel have been handed a contract by PEMEX to build a cryogenic plant in Poza Rica, in the Mexican state of Veracruz, at an investment of around $220m and with an estimated two-year timeframe.

The joint venture of the largest construction company in Mexico, Empresas ICA and American company Fluor Corporation, ICA Fluor has already been awarded five contracts by PEMEX, all in conjunction with Linde.

The two companies have successfully built cryogenic plants for the Mexican state oil company in the past, all in operation and complying with the required parameters.

According to financial news portal Sentido Comun, the plant will have a capacity to produce 200 million cubic feet per day of gas and will allow PEMEX to recover propane and butane contained in natural gas, when the latter is extracted from oil deposits.

PEMEX expects to increase the production of crude from the Chicontepec oil fields in the following years, while construction is expected to commence on 17th August.

An official press release of PEMEX explained, “The plant for this contract will be built under modern schemes of design that will allow to leave equipment and space so that in the future ethane can be also recovered, maintaining the conditions of operability, safety and guarantee.$quot;