US fuel cell maker IdaTech PLC is on track to establishing a production facility in India, to fulfil fuel systems deliveries under the October 2008 agreement with ACME Group.

The company noted that following the first batch of 310 hydrogen-based units, the remainder of the initial 10,000 units will be running on natural gas, according to a report by Fuel Cell Today.

The deal signed with Indian power equipment provider ACME originally envisaged the supply of up to 30,000 5KW hydrogen fuel cell systems over four years. Significant advancements in IdaTech’s proprietary technologies will now allow the company to produce more robust and significantly more cost effective integrated fuel cell systems by 2010.

The first of these products to be launched will be the natural gas-fuelled system for deployment in early 2010 under the ACME contract, 9,690 systems in all, preceded by the abovementioned batch of 310 hydrogen powered cells which will be delivered this year.

The hydrogen cells for ACME will be built at IdaTech's manufacturing facility in Tijuana, Mexico, and the other units at the Indian facility which will be fully operational by the end of 2009.