Integrated Device Technology, Inc. (IDT) introduces its first generation of gas sensors that provide increased sensitivity, stability, and selectivity improvements.

The new devices qualities are ideal for demanding industrial applications, where low-level gas detection, long service life, and accurate readings are critical for next-generation platforms and proper system operation.

IDT’s current gas sensor portfolio consists of the IDT® SGAS701, SGAS707, and SGAS711 – trace hydrogen (H2), industrial organic chemical, and flammable gas sensors, respectively. The devices utilise innovative sensing materials to achieve industry-leading stability. This results in fewer calibration cycles and longer product service life, which can save costs associated with replacing or recalibrating sensors in the field. In addition, superior gas sensitivity and selectivity enables customers to detect low-levels of gas, while avoiding false readings.

Mario Montana, Vice-President and General Manager of IDT’s Automotive and Industrial Group, said, “IDT is excited to offer a line of high-performance gas sensors to complement our growing portfolio of environmental sensing solutions.” He continued, “We’ve entered this market with a proven technology that delivers accuracy and stability over longer periods of time compared to alternative solutions.”

IDT’s gas sensors are analog solutions packaged in small TO-39 ‘cans’ that are easily integrated into a wide range of industrial products. The sensors are ideal for applications such as building air control automation, leak detection systems, process control monitoring, handheld detection units, and discrete industrial air monitoring devices.