There is more to Beijing than the Olympics in 2008 \\$quot;“ Beijing is the centre of the industrial gases business of China, CIGIA (the Chinese Industrial Gases Association) and the Chinese General Machinery Group, which has the gas production equipment manufacturers association as one of its groups. gasworld recently visited Mr Sun \\$quot;“ general secretary of CIGIA to find out what he and the association had in store for this year.

8th annual conference

Firstly, CIGIA are holding their 8th IG China Conference and Exhibition in Beijing in September. This year there will be a little difference to proceedings as CIGIA is proposing to have a conference the day before the exhibition opens for visitors, delegates and exhibitors to attend and listen to a variety of speakers \\$quot;“ both Chinese and international. The main subject this year will be hydrogen and any one interested in being a speaker should contact CIGIA direct or Brenda Smith.

CIGIA has over 1000 members and Mr Sun believes that there are over 3000 distributors and gas companies spread throughout China. He added that since 1948 there have been over 9000 gas production plants built. On average there are between 80 \\$quot;“ 100 cylinder-filling facilities in the larger, more industrialised province and 40 \\$quot;“ 50 in the smaller areas.

China gas Safety

The Government of China is trying to improve safety and governance of the gases business in the country and CIGIA is liaising with its members to implement new government licences to operate.

\\$quot;CIGIA has over 1000 members and Mr Sun believes that there are over 3000 distributors and gas companies spread throughout China.\\$quot;

Currently the Dangerous Goods Act means that all acetylene production facilities must be licensed and so far 900 of the expected 1200 have been issued. Then there will also be a move to licence ASUs, hydrogen and CO2 plants.

According to Mr Sun the forthcoming IG China exhibition presents the opportunity for both Chinese and international companies to find out what products are available in China and abroad as well as about the dynamics of the Chinese industrial gases business.

For those international companies interested in exhibiting, there will be an International Pavilion being organised by Gas Advisers. The pavilion\\$quot;s floor space will be allocated to those interested on a first come first serve basis.

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