Considered by many to be the largest exhibition of industrial gas equipment, gas companies and service industries around the world, IG China took place on the 5-7th of September in Shanghai.

gasworld attended a hot and humid exhibition organised by AIT Events, in association with the Chinese Industrial Gases Association (CIGIA) with figures showing that over 1500 people visited the exhibition on the first day alone.

The Exhibition took place at the Shanghai Mart Expo in the city centre as the 9th trade fair laid on for the industrial gases community in China. According to the organisers there were around 4,700 visitors and 182 exhibitors present this year, including several international companies.

Interestingly, it was some of the local equipment manufacturers which had the largest stands at the exhibition, including BTIC, Jindan, Shanghai High Pressure (cylinders), Enric, and CIMC (cryogenic equipment).
Air Liquide were the only international gases company with any significant presence at the show this year and the primary sponsor of both the Gases Forum, and Hydrogen Forum conferences which took place during the 3 days in Shanghai.

Air Liquide has recently announced its intention to invest heavily in China over the next few years and the company’s presence at this year’s event demonstrated its intent.
Herose, the German based cryogenic valve manufacturer was there in force and according to Dirk Zschalich, the Chinese market is becoming a very serious market for the company and Herose had received a large number of visits to its stand.

Taylor-Wharton, the international cryogenic and high pressure equipment manufacturer was also there with its own booth, for the first time in a number of years. This supported the drive the company is making in the country and the promotion of its new state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Beijing.

Mark Ansell – CEO of the UK based Flow Group (Bestobell) was delighted with the interest in his products and was embarking on a round trip with several major cryogenic producers in China.

Bryan Smith from Cryoquip (Cryogenic Industries) was present and one of a number of people who felt that while there was a lot of interest in his company’s products, the number of visitors was down on previous years and certainly the third day appeared very quiet. Smith was also concerned that local Chinese manufacturers were still copying technology and that the fact they openly marketed such technology in China was still very evident.

Jeff Holyoak of Lydall, who was also a VIP speaker at the China Gases Forum, was present and found the exhibition interesting and provided the ability to assess the Chinese market as well as the Chinese benefiting from purchasing quality materials from abroad.

Other international companies present included Cryomec, Gow-Mac, Chart Industries, Gentech, Parker, Rotorex, Swagelok, ASCO Neumatics, Gas Advisers and Spiritus Consulting Asia.

The exhibition attracted a number of foreign visitors and gasworld met a wide range of attendees, from Iran, Russia, Ukraine, India, Taiwan, Japan, US, Europe, Singapore and Malaysia.

As we have mentioned above, while the Exhibition was on-going, CIGIA had arranged a China Gases Forum. An opening address by Mr He Kaishun, Chairman of CIGIA welcomed guests and exhibitors to the forum.

Mr Sun Guomin, General Secretary introduced the themes of the day and thanked the industrial gas associations representatives Mr Patel of AIIGMA (India), Mr Park from KIGA (Korea) and Mr Igor (Ukraine) for their support and attendance.

CIGIA, which celebrated its 20th Anniversary on the 3rd September and represents over 1000 different companies operating in the Chinese industrial gases industry, also held its 2nd Hydrogen Forum on the 6/7th of September which attracted a lot of attention over the two days.

Hydrogen Pedal Power
There was also great interest in what appeared to be the first hydrogen powered bike.

Produced by the Pearl Hydrogen Power Source Technology Co, the bike consisted of two small hydrogen cylinders containing a metal hydride to store the hydrogen at 8 bar pressure. This fed a 240W fuel cell that drove an 180W motor on the rear wheel.

According to the manufacturer, it is a prototype that they are going to put into production and can travel 100km before refilling at a top speed of 25kph.

gasworld China
gasworld launched its new Chinese bi-monthly magazine at IG China.

The stand and the magazine attracted a lot of interest and over 700 magazines were distributed.

gasworld intends this magazine to target the Chinese gases community, containing global news and features.

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