Building on the success and international participation of last year's event, the 9th China International Exhibition on Gases Technology, Equipment and Application (IG China 2007) will this year be held in Shanghai from the 5th to 7th September and seek to continue its pedigree for high standards and professional service.

After 8 consecutive years of successful and innovative exhibitions since its inception in 1999, IG China has become the biggest event of its kind in China and actively promotes the development of industrial gases in the cultural Far Eastern country. The China Industrial Gases Industry Association (CIGIA) established the exhibition for the advancement of the industrial gases market and has enjoyed a high level of success, attracting a number of domestic and overseas exhibitors from up to 16 countries.

More than 500 buyers from over 10 countries, including China, Korea and India, attended IG China 2006, with many of the exhibitors receiving orders in their booths and subsequently booking their places for this year's event.

Held at Shanghai Mart Expo Office this year, IG China is seen by many as an opportunity to both showcase their company and products and to meet potential new customers. This will again be the case for Herose, a leading global manufacturer of valves for cryogenics and pressure containers, who will be exhibiting this year for the fourth time. Dirk Zschalich of Herose comments, $quot;For Herose, IG China is a good opportunity to meet our existing as well as potential customers and to present the company and its products to both the decision-makers and highly skilled engineers. Over the years the exhibition helped Herose to establish a good reputation in the Chinese market.$quot;

This year's event will be capitalising on the success and growing importance of IG China on the industrial gases industry, where the number of international exhibitors is increasing and the value of such events seems to have a heightened sense of significance. Zschalich reinforced this importance as he said, $quot;Since we first joined the exhibition in 2004 we have seen it growing and becoming more important for the industry year by year. In a region where industrial exhibitions seem to have a higher meaning than in Western Europe, IG China helps us to get a good overview about the fast-growing market and the industries' development.$quot;

IG China 2007 will again be showcasing a wide range of innovative new products, specialist equipment and services from a variety of exhibitors, with participants likely to be expecting a growth of industries in emerging markets and an improved client base as a result.
Zschalich outlined the expectations of Herose, saying, $quot;In the first half of 2007 the Herose business with China almost doubled compared to the first half of 2006. We expect a strong growth of both industries, industrial gas and LNG, in China not only this year but during the next 5 years.$quot;