A platform for technology cooperation and exchange of knowledge, the annual exhibition successfully entered its tenth year, as gasworld discovered.

This year marked the 10th IG China exhibition organised by the China Industry Gas Industrial Association (CIGIA). The exhibition was again held in Shanghai and at the same exhibition centre, the Shanghai Mart.

Together with the IG China Exhibition, there was also the exhibition 2nd New Energy (HY+FC) Asia 2008.

Before departing for the event, there was a doubt whether the recent financial tsunami had a serious effect on the popularity of the exhibition, though this was actually full.

According to CIGIA, there were 150 companies from 10 countries in attendance, with all exhibition booths taken and some of them of their own unique design that made the venue something of an attractive maze.

According to the event’s organiser, there were more than 3000 visitors gathered from more than 15 countries including the US, the UK, Germany, Sweden, Japan, Vietnam, Pakistan, and Iran.

At the opening ceremony, Sun Guo Min, the Secretary General of CIGIA, made a remark that the exhibition had now become a glamorous event of the gas industry with lots of market information, an exchange of high and new technologies, and trade and deals.

“Through these exchanges, the close communication and business cooperation between China Industrial Gas Industry Association and associations of the same industry from different countries and regions are enhanced; at the same time, it is a great platform for the technology cooperation and trade between the foreign and Chinese gas manufacturers and suppliers,” Sun Guo Min added.

To make the entire event more meaningful, the inauguration ceremony of the establishment of the Asia Pacific Gases Manufacturers Association (APGMA) was held in the afternoon of the first day of IG China 2008.

The founding members of the APGMA include CIGIA, the All Indian Industrial Gases Manufacturers Association (AIIGMA), and the Korean High Pressure Gases Cooperative Union.

The Ukraine Association of Industrial Gases meanwhile, has also joined as a member of APGMA – an association it has taken four years to establish. He Kai Shun, President of CIGIA, was elected the President and Sun Guo Min was elected Secretary General of APGMA. The term of service is two years and the office of APGMA will be the office of CIGIA for this period.

Each of the founding members gave a short speech and the Ukraine Association gave an introduction of their organisation. He then thanked the other members for their trust in him and together with Sun, expressed that the association would follow the will of the gas associations and companies of member countries to develop the communication and cooperation on safety, technology, standards and regulations.

He emphasised that “APGMA will become a bridge of friendship for the gases industries in the Asia Pacific region and will devote itself unremittingly to the development of gases industries in the Asia Pacific region.”