Demonstrating confidence during difficult times, IG China attracted well known international companies.

At the recent economy working-meeting of the China Central Government, it was said that 2009 was the toughest year of economic development in the new century for China. However, it is widely believed that China has been successful in achieving its target of a GDP growth of 8%, as a result of the measures undertaken by the government.

Together with the news that the industrial output of China in October and November this year has respectively increased by 16.1% and 19.2% on a year-on-year basis, all these promising figures definitely breathe confidence to the gas industry in view of stability and growth potential.

Due to the celebration of the 60th anniversary of the establishment of the People’s Republic of China and by the order of the Beijing Municipal government, IG China 2009 was postponed from the cool end of September to the cold early December. To boost the number of exhibitors, the LNG 2009 exhibition was held concurrently at the same venue and as a result, there were around 200 exhibitors from 15 countries trying their best to showcase their products and services to get the attention of the visitors.

Well known international companies like Bestobell Valves, Herose Valves, Servomex and AGC Instruments were exhibiting at this popular annual event. Many prominent local companies such as Beijing Tianhai (BTIC), Rich Air Separation and Hangzhou Hangyang occupied large exhibition areas designed to stand out from the crowd.

In terms of its expectations of the event, BTIC, the leading cylinder manufacturer in China, was satisfied with the overall results – although a couple of customers that they had invited were not able to visit after the date was changed.

It was the first time that established company AGC Instruments had shown its capability at IG China, after setting-up its own office in Beijing. Mr. Alex Ren, the Area Manager of China, commented that he would like to see more analyser companies participating at the exhibition in future.

Meanwhile, Bestobell Valves said that attending this event was crucial to maintaining a strong presence in the market.

Next year, the event’s organisers have confirmed, IG China will be held in Chengdu in Sichuan province from 10th to 12th November. Chengdu is a prosperous city in the western part of China which has recently seen growing investments and activities in the industrial gases industry. The Central Government of China also has a long term strategy to encourage investments, and thus development, in this part of the country – ensuring IG China 2010 should be both well-positioned and an ideal window of opportunity for the industrial gas community.

Successful presence
As for ourselves, gasworld is happy to say that it was successful in its participation at the exhibition and received more than 200 registrations for our Chinese magazine. Many companies were interested in and had committed to advertising in the international and Chinese magazines, while more than 1500 copies of our China magazine, international magazine and Specialty Gas Report publication were given out to the visitors and exhibitors.