Turnkey gas projects solutions provider iGAS Technology Solutions Ltd. has secured a contract worth in excess of £1.5m ($1.86m) to manufacture a carbon dioxide (CO2) liquefaction, purification and filling plant.

It is understood that the 500kg bulk and cylinder filling system is being manufactured for a client in the UK, although specific details were not disclosed.

The plant will convert raw, byproduct CO2 from a bio-methane production source into food-grade standard liquid and is believed to be one of the UK’s first liquid CO2 facilities of its type.

Rob Lee, Managing Director of iGAS, enthused, “This represents a significant step forward in our development, encompassing the gas expertise we have accrued within our organisation and making us the ideal partner for this leading edge technology customer.”

The project was secured following an extensive consultation period which included detailed engineering design and raw gas analysis to determine the optimum technical offering.

Established in 2001, iGAS is an independent company that works with global gas producers and end users to provide leading solutions to all industrial, medical and specialty gas projects and is a member of the Industrial Gas Project House (IGPH) Group.