IGAS Technology Solutions Ltd will deliver an industrial and high purity (6.0) gases cylinder & bundle filling plant to Rawabi Integrated Gases (RIG) in Saudi Arabia.

The facility will focus on safety, productivity and quality and includes the latest versions of the AiFill control system and ITrack asset tracking system.

With automated filling processes to be installed at RIG, it will also feature end-to-end information recording and will include automatic filling (c/w Cold Fill) and analysis using the latest AiFill platform.

A centralised SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) system will allow operators remote support from anywhere in the world.

The iTrack platform complete with hand-held mini-PC scanners permits asset history tracking from sorting, through filling/analysis, inventory management and delivery to RIG’s clients.

Along with a gas detection system, there is also a predictive maintenance module which allows for optimisation of plant ‘up time’.

Mono (single) and mixture gases will be filled, including oxygen, nitrogen, argon, helium & gaseous carbon dioxide into both cylinders (single, pallets and racks) and bundles.

Phase one of the project includes LC02 gravimetric cylinder (4 to 50kg) and pack (to 3000kg) filling.

At a reference temperature of 21 degrees Celsius, the design pressure of the system is 420 bar with settled fill pressures of 138 & 200 bar.

IGPH Group members provided the core equipment, including cryogenics supplied by Krytem GmbH, filling modules, manifolders and valves by mtech GmbH, and hoses & cylinder connectors by Aeroflex Hose & Engineering.