IGAS Technology Solutions introduce their new off-site cylinder filling system.

Cylinder filling systems have traditionally been built completely on the production site. Over the last 5-10 years attempts have been made to reduce the on-site activity by building parts off-site.

IGAS have taken this much further by designing and building a fully modular, semi-automatic filling system, which is completely built and tested off-site. This significantly reduces total project costs and associated commissioning risks.

The latest level of technology has been used to increase productivity and enhance safety.

The Modular Semi-Automatic Filling System (industrial or medical) is built up from the core system and then complemented with additional filling modules and/or filling stations. A full ‘turnkey’ plant is simply constructed using this type of system and is easily tailored to suit the exact requirements of the client.

The operator connects the cylinders, opens the cylinder valves, selects the filling recipe and presses the start button. Filling is then automatically controlled by pressure/temperature compensation. The operator is then informed when filling is completed. The system has safety pressure trips included that ensure cylinders cannot be over-pressurised.

The control system also prioritises the order in which gases, vacuum and filling modules are used – ensuring maximum system multi-tasking. As an option a SCADA system can be added to allow remote access for support and data acquisition/storage.

Existing pumping systems can be utilised.