The Senko iGAS personal CO2 monitor is a compact and affordable solution to carbon dioxide (CO2) detection on-the-go.

This portable solution from Senko uses infrared sensors with lithium-ion battery technology which can help afford users protection from the dangers of CO2, whether it be in a hospital or laboratory, in the beverage and hospitality industry, or in a sector that utilises dry ice.

By using the latest battery technology, the iGAS CO2 combines a fast charge time with a run time in excess of seven days on a single charge, providing the user with a more efficient monitor and less downtime.

iGAS CO2 personal gas monitor.

iGAS CO2 personal gas monitor.

The device also allows for flexible USB charging, including the ability for in-car charging, PC/laptop charging or using the supplied international charger. It also features full alarm record storage, making it easier to download and store health and safety records.

In addition to its detection capabilities, the monitor is housed in a robust rubberised case and polycarbonate design. This provides an ingress protection rating of IP67 protecting the sensor against dust and water ingress, as well as liquid splashes.

By combining these design elements, the monitor is lightweight (93g) but also able to withstand harsh environments.