iGAS is specialised in providing the industry (and users of industrial gases) with \\$quot;˜turnkey\\$quot; projects, with key expertise in air separation and gas generation, cylinder filling and highpressure gas processing and cryogenics

The company is a specialist supplier of technology and engineering providing flexible access to system solutions, project management, engineering and a
comprehensive portfolio of products and services on the market.

Unique solutions from in-house systems
Business director, Robert Lee, says his company is flexible and competent to support its customers such as BOC, Linde, Energas, Acergy, Dominion Technical Gases, Sandvik or Allied Respiratory, whether they require a project engineer for a day or a complete plant designed and built from a \\$quot;˜green field\\$quot; site.

This has led to establishing projects primarily in European markets.

"iGAS has an exclusive position within the fi eld of our expertise as we do not have competitors that offer what we do. We offer experience, expertise and fit for purpose developed technology solutions. We provide full turnkey projects to companies, implemented by our project management system iProject and utilising our
strategic partnership groups.

"A range of services can be provided from feasibility studies and proposal development, instrument, mechanical,electrical, process, civil engineering and design,project management, construction management,consultancy, commissioning, and validation - all using the in-house developed iProject system," he added.

Strong growth and geographic expansion
The five-year old business describes its approach as \\$quot;˜Client Partnering Solutions\\$quot;, which is a simple approach comprising fi ve elements: project and engineering experts, partnering with clients, partnering with suppliers, project management systems and flexibility. Robert Lee continued: "Successfully operating client partnering means keeping abreast of new developments
in technology and legislation, and integrating them into the overall solution/service package i.e. PED (Pressure Equipment Directive) compliance and
written schemes of examination (in isolation or part of a package)."

So what\\$quot;s next in the bag for the company? According to Robert Lee the company is expecting to double its turnover this year.

"Over the last year iGAS has launched its latest ranges of fully qualifi ed, automatic medical filling systems and automatic modular industrial gas filling
systems. This year iGAS is seeing the business maintaining its robust position in Europe and expansion into Africa and Asia by establishing long term partnerships with local companies for supporting their services and technologies."

Robert Lee says over the last 10 to 20 years the dynamics of the gases industry have significantly changed. "Previously the market was dominated by the large gas companies with a wealth of in-house engineering resource and a few smaller, localised gas companies. Fewer still were the companies that offered outsource support. Now, however, the reverse can be seen - the larger companies with less in-house resource and the proliferation of smaller successful gas companies," he concluded.

iGAS Services & Products
iGAS\\$quot; services and products can be up to a full turnkey project or individually and include:

Automatic medical filling system///

Cylinder filling plant & solutions
Medical cylinder filling plant solutions
Air separation plant & projects
Gas distribution & mixing systems
Bespoke turnkey projects
Professional engineering services

The company\\$quot;s system solutions have been developed from many years of experience in gas engineering, equipment manufacturing and operations. The end result is a range of manual to fully automatic systems that are highly productive, easy to operate and cost effective for the modern gases industry.

The Modular Cylinder Filling Systems are built up from the core
system and then complemented with additional fi lling modules and/or filling stations. A full \\$quot;˜turnkey\\$quot; plant is simply constructed using this type of system and is easily tailored to suit the exact requirements of the client. As part of the full \\$quot;˜turnkey\\$quot; iGAS can provide Storage Pumping and Vaporiser (SPV) systems.