International Gas Detectors (IGD) have launched the TOC-625 Micro, a multi-channel gas detection system which can be configured with up to six gas detectors and two relay output modules.

The system is designed with advanced automatic set-up features. Once installed, all that is required to set-up the system is one click of a button.

Addressable gas detection systems allow you to quickly deploy an effective safety solution. The controller features auto-setup functions which enables auto-configuration of the gas detection system alarm levels, gas types and ranges.

The systems allow for the use of pre-calibrated detectors. Only a single cable is required to interconnect the controller, detectors and relay modules. Addressable gas detection systems of this type typically save up to 70% on installation costs.

There is also a pre-wired version of the system using plug and socketed cables (TOC-625-MCP). This version allows for installation by people with no gas detection experience. Cables are available in 1M, 3M and 10M lengths which can be interconnected to make specific length cable runs.

The 625 Micro wiring diagram

The 625 Micro wiring diagram

IGD TOCSIN-625 Micro gas detection system