The abbreviation «IGMA» is known by all the industrial gas players in the CIS countries, yet only a select few will be aware of the changes which have recently taken place in the organization.

As the International non-commercial partnership of industrial gas manufacturers, «IGMA» has successfully finished its registration in state structures – the Charter of partnership and all necessary constituent documents are confirmed and registered.

In addition, the second meeting of the updated partnership has also taken place recently, in May earlier this year.

The meeting took place at the site of JSC plant 'Logika' in the Zelenograd, Moscow region of Russia, a company that is actually one of leaders in the manufacture of industrial gases in the Moscow region and a founder of the partnership.

A number of topics were discussed during the two day meeting, including the association's objectives and purposes for the remainder of 2009 and beyond, and issues that have arisen in the cryogenics industry.

IGMA President Mr Alexander Tomkeev provided a report about the results of registration to IGMA and the procedure for officially joining the partnership, while other membership issues such as payments due coincided with a discussion of the IGMA budget for 2009.

The meeting also saw the appointment of an executive director, discussions concerning the problems and purposes for 2009, the reports of IGMA members, and a presentation by Moscow-based company 'Ankor-cryomash' – explaining the possibilities for modernization of ASU type Kzh-2.

Cited as one of the important events of the meeting, was the admission of new IGMA members and the creation of new working groups, which will explore concerns such as 'Safety engineering of manufacture' and 'Service requirements for the organisation of safe operation of vessels and machinery in ASUs, when working under pressure'.

Appointed as the aforementioned Executive Director at the meeting was Mrs Nina Skachko, who will now carry out partnership decisions, the co-ordination of working groups, and will also be engaged in partnership development.

Bridging the gap
IGMA is certainly fulfilling an important role in Russian industry and the region's gases business.

The partnership’s activity includes involvement in the enterprises of cryogenic engineering, manufacturers of industrial gases, and bridging cooperation with similar foreign associations and industrial gas manufacturer organisations.

The association's next meeting is to take place in September 2009 in Volgograd, Russia.

Gasworld will deliver a review of the event and report any new achievements of the dynamic partnership.