Cylinder filling technology pioneer Industrial Gas Project House (IGPH) has revealed a number major breakthroughs in the cylinder filling business with the introduction not only of 450 bar (working) filling but also 600 bar shock tested valves for oxygen service.

In addition, IGPH has commenced equipment for 350 bar LNG pumping for LNG vehicles and vessels.

The developments were announced at the MENA Industrial Gas Conference 2015 in Dubai, UAE, where IGPH Managing Director Ian Davies was giving a presentation about cylinder filling technologies.

IGPH has been successfully delivering cylinder filling solutions for the past decade, utilising the strength and expertise of each of the venture’s member companies, notably iGAS Technology Solutions, Filltech GMBH, Aeroflex, Krytem, and m-tech gmbh.

Now, the company has taken what it describes as the next step forward in the packaged gases business, with the development of several innovations that are ready and waiting to change the face of cylinder filling operations.

Current cylinder filling technologies include 320 bar fills (working) and 420 bar design, but IGPH has revolutionised the field by quite literally raising the bar – pioneering 450 bar filling technology, 600 bar design valves, 350 bar LNG pumping technology, and much more besides.

Davies revealed, “What does the future technology look like? What are you looking for in the future? What about 450 bar filling? How about 600 bar design valves? Would you like 600 bar shock-tested valves for oxygen service? What about 350 bar LNG pumping technology, fully certified? I guess they’d all be quite nice features in the future cylinder filling plant.”

“The future has arrived….This is not theory, this is not on the drawing board - we have delivered it. The complete components of a 450 bar system, all fully tried, tested and available”

“Well, the future has arrived. We have the 450 bar cylinder filling technology; we have the 600 bar shock-tested valves for oxygen service; we have the 350 bar technology for LNG pumping; and we now have fully automated, intelligent plant systems, complete with complete building block software.”

“This is not theory, this is not on the drawing board - we have delivered it,” he affirmed. “The complete components of a 450 bar system, all fully tried, tested and available. We have it. The future is here.”

Davies explained that the company’s new fully automated plants feature interlinked systems comprised of individual components that while intelligent and de-centralised, are all interlinked and work together in harmony. The systems also offer comprehensive data recording capabilities to record and store as much data as required for the system, and full integration into existing structures – all of which is tried, tested and proven.

Ian Davies, IGPH

Source: gasworld

In addition to being a major glimpse into the future for cylinder filling operations, Davies also underlined the benefits to a company’s bottom line and why the new technology could also be significant for warmer geographies such as the Middle East and North Africa.

“Just imagine what that does for your efficiency,” he explained. “Not only is that efficient for you, it’s also efficient for your user. This technology offers three-gas dynamic blending and a ‘winter fill’ feature for hot climates. That means we cool the gas down, we cool the process down, and that enables us to fill your cylinders faster than in non-cooled conditions.”

Concluding, Davies told gasworld, “Appropriately the for the theme of this conference – Today’s Vision, Tomorrow’s Reality - IGPH stands for total gas solutions, taken from concept to reality, and we’ve proven that with this major announcement.”