IGS Italia, through its local distributor, has been awarded a contract for the supply of its OXYSWING® PSA medical oxygen generators to several hospitals in Colombia, South America.

In total, twelve OXYSWING® systems of various sizes and with oxygen flow rates of up to 1.100 litres per minute will be supplied, with a total order value of €1m and the first set of units already delivered.

Laura Ammiraglia, Marketing & Sales Manager of IGS Italia, commented, “We are extremely delighted with this order as it demonstrates again that our OXYSWING® PSA medical oxygen line is the preferred solution for an increasing number of new customers in various parts of the world, despite tough local and international competition.$quot;

$quot;Beside the excellent product quality and the unmatched system flexibility of the modular OXYSWING® PSA medical oxygen generators, our customers especially appreciate the superior efficiency of our products as a consequence of the increasing energy prices.”

Innovative Gas Systems (IGS) is one of the world’s major suppliers of on-site air separation plants for the production of nitrogen and oxygen, with technologies offered utilising the production of nitrogen and air drying by Hollow Fiber Membranes (GENERON®) and the production of nitrogen and oxygen by optimised Pressure Swing Adsorption processes (NITROSWING® & OXYSWING®).