Montreal, Canada, will host this year’s IIR International Congress of Refrigeration between 24th-30th August (2019). The event will bring together engineers, technicians, and researchers from across the globe.

Dr. Rob Lamb of Star refrigeration has been confirmed as a speaker at the event and will present papers alongside professors and academics.

The research papers will focus on the phase down of global warming causing refrigerants, and the opportunity this resents for natural refrigerant such as ammonia and carbon dioxide for small industrial refrigerant applications.

Lamb will discuss refrigerant and system selection and key criteria including safety, energy efficiency, cooling capacity and capital cost.

“The IIR Congress is definitely a highlight for me and it is a great honour to be attending as a speaker on behalf of Star Refrigeration,” said Lamb.

“A global gathering such as the International Congress of Refrigeration is crucial to help the industry grow together and join forces to overcome the many challenges which lie ahead.” 

“Our experience using natural refrigerants has been positive, and research supports the idea that they are highly effective for a number of applications – so I would really like to get this message across to as many refrigeration professionals as possible.”

“From the UK to Canada, nations need to work together and join forces to fight climate change and natural refrigerants can make a real difference.”