The France-based International Institute of Refrigeration (IIR) Science and Technology council has launched a new Working Group (WG) on ‘whole-body cryotherapy’ (WBC) or ’cryostimulation.’

Whole-body cryotherapy is one mode of cold therapy, during which a subject is exposed to very low temperatures for a short time (2-4 minutes) in a specialised cold chamber. This method is used to induce physiological and psychological benefits.

During the IRR Science and Technology meeting on 15th June 2017, a new IRR WG was officially created by Jacques Guilpart, IRR Delegate of France.


The main objectives of the WG is to develop a frame of reference concerning the standardisation of exposure protocols according to the characteristics of individual users and the desired effects of the treatment; to standardise temperature measurements inside all existing WBC devices; to develop safety instructions for cold exposures; to promote WBC methods in all possible fields of application. WG also aims to stimulate research collaborations between the members and to carry out larger investigations concerning WBC.

A core group will be responsible for planning group actions. So far, more than 15 scientists representing 8 countries have joined with the intention of uniting the whole clinical and scientific community of whole-body cryotherapy/cryostimulation, and to provide a dynamic space for communication and exchange.

This WG is open to both low-temperature refrigeration and medical experts, in particular IIR members.

Whole-body Cryotherapy

Whole-body Cryotherapy

Source: IIR