Lease and road construction has begun at the Steveville Helium Property, South Eastern Alberta, Canada. With all required permits and approvals received, Imperial intend to commence drilling operations as soon as possible.

The first well, known as well number 102/03-01-020-12W4M, is to be drilled to a depth of 2047m on the crest of the Steveville structure.

After a blow-out that occurred in 1940 at the first deep well to be drilled in the Steveville area, 13-22-020-12W4, the objective of the drilling of the well ending 12W4M is to confirm helium concentrations and flow rates present during this initial drill.

The blow-out is estimated to have then flowed at 50 million cubic feet per day (MMcf/d) for 100 days. Drilling resumed after the well was brought under control and production testing followed, which came in at 6 MMcf/d of non-burnable gas.

Subsequent wells confirmed the structure.

David Johnson, Director and CEO, Imperial Helium, spoke about the venture, saying, “We are excited to be commencing field operations on the first well in June as planned.”

“With the achievement of this first milestone, the Company is well positioned to complete production testing and an independent resource assessment of the Steveville asset during the fourth quarter of 2021.”

Driven by Canadian geoscience and engineering expertise, Imperial Helium is focused on the exploration and development of helium assets in North America.