Imperial Helium Corp has confirmed raw gas deliverability of 10-15 million cubic feet of helium per day (MMcf/d) from its IHC-Steveville-2 and IHC-Steveville-3 wells in Alberta, Canada.

Confirming its findings today (23rd March), the helium discovery firm said production test results from the Blow-out Zone (BOZ) in IHC-Steveville-2 had rates of 5-8 MMcf/d and in IHC-Steveville-3, preliminary deliverability estimates from the BOZ combined with production test analysis of the new Sub-Salt Zone (SSZ) of 2.5 MMcf/d.

Together, the results suggest that Imperial Helium has deliverability capacity of 10-15 MMcf/d of raw gas for more than three years, before experiencing a 15% per year decline over an estimated 10-15 years.

Dr. David Johnson, President and CEO of Imperial Helium said, “We are incredibly excited by what we are seeing from IHC-Steveville-3. The strong response of the BOZ and new SSZ in IHC-Steveville-3 confirms sufficient deliverability from booth IHC-Steveville-2 and IHC-Steveville-3 to produce 10-15 MMcf/d of raw gas for three years before declining.”

“This data strongly supports an aggressive advancement towards commercial production.”

Highlights from the first three days of production testing of the BOZ in IHC-Steveville-3 show helium concentrations of 0.44% and overall gas composition is the same as the gas composition in the BOZ at IHC-Steveville-2, indicating the BOZ reservoir is in communication between both wells.

Upon completion of production testing of IHC-Steveville-3, IHC plans to return immediately to IHC-Steveville-2 to begin production testing the SSZ.