Canada-based helium exploration and development company Imperial Helium Corp (IHC) will commence drilling at its second future producing helium well on the Steveville Structure, IHC-Steveville-3 located in Alberta, Canada.

Following the drilling of IHC-Steveville-1 and IHC-Steveville-2, the company gained receipt of the well license for its second future producing helium well, IHC-Steveville-3, which was spud on December 6th

The initial two drilling projects provided IHC with a greater understanding of the Steveville Structure, which was first encountered by the Steveville Discovery Blow-out well in 1940. 

With the first two wells providing relevant data, IHC-Steveville-3 was chosen to be drilled at a point connected to the original Blow-out to a planned depth of around 1,680 metres and will take around 3 weeks to drill. 

Due to twin the existing 16-11-020-12W4 well, IHC-Steveville-3 features similar characteristics to IHC-Steveville-2, increasing the likelihood of a successful investigation. 

Once drilling, logging, and casing is completed, two production tests will take place over an eight-to-ten-week period. 

Set to come onstream at the end of 2022, IHC-Steveville-2 will be the company’s first producing well, potentially capable of around 5-8MMcf/d (million cubic feet per day) for more than three years. 

An offtake agreement is also currently being sought by IHC ahead of the production of commercial volumes of helium. 

The company has also updated its corporate presentation available on the website, showcasing new maps and Steveville Structure details.