Ovens are widely utilised throughout many manufacturing processes within a number of industries including; engineering, research, metals, aerospace and defence.

They are commonly used to either dry components or to cause a chemical reaction between materials, in a process known as curing.

Additionally ovens are also employed for combustion purposes, by where a fuel substance is rapidly reacted with heat and oxygen in order operate equipment such as engines, boilers or kilns. Reflow ovens are used within the electronics industry to solder components onto circuit boards. Compartments exist within the oven with varying temperatures, to control the soldering process.

The presence of oxygen within many oven applications can severely affect procedures and the properties of the materials being heated. Combustion processes rely on a range of high and low oxygen levels, whilst solder reflowing requires an inert atmosphere to displace the oxygen. Incorrect oxygen levels or impurities within an inert atmosphere can result in the production of low-quality products, as undesired reactions can occur between the oxygen and certain materials.

Owing to Cambridge Sensotec’s expertise in the field of oxygen gas analysis, the company is able to provide Rapidox oxygen analysers to suit a wide range of oven applications.