Galileo Technologies installed nine Galileo MX 200 compressors at the Pan American Energy (PAE) unit in Cerro Dragon, Chubut province, Argentina. Seven of them are used for gathering applications and the other two, for wellhead applications.

“Through this operation our company will continue to consolidate its position in the most important deposits in the country,” highlighted Segio Salvai, Regional Sales Manager with Galileo Technologies. 

Cerro Dragon is a 3,000km2 giant lying on the shore of the Gulf of San Jorge, from where 17% of Argentine crude oil is originated. Furthermore, it is the fourth conventional natural gas producer in the country. Hence, PAE concentrates one third of their natural gas reserves there.

“The importance of this consolidation is that more than 80% of the components are nationally produced, including the engineering and manufacture of essential elements,” added Salvai.