GRASYS has supplied two MA-1.2-95-300 mobile nitrogen stations to Severgazprom LLC, a subsidiary of JSC Gazprom, designated for equipment purging and fire safety provision at the Privodninskaya compressor station.

Due to impressive performance characteristics, the stations were recommended for manufacture and installation at all facilities of JSC Gazprom. Specifically, MA nitrogen stations are recommended for use at compressor stations, booster compressor stations, and CS underground gas storages for purging and pressure testing of pipelines, drying and generation of impulse gas, temporary storage, and other applications.

Capable of producing 300 nm³ per hour of 95% nitrogen gas from atmospheric air, nitrogen purity may easily be adjusted during the stations’ working cycle, ensuring the optimum cost-efficiency operation. The nitrogen stations were manufactured on the basis of state-of-the-art membrane technology of air separation processes.

Through the incorporation of the latest design developments, the МА-1.2-95-300 stations combine compact dimensions with high production capacity and are characterized by enhanced reliability, serviceability, and ease of operation. The Grasys stations are designed for operation across the temperature range of -50° С to +50° С.

The MA series of nitrogen stations includes nitrogen equipment with various technical specifications to be precisely matched to operator's requirements. The station capacity varies from 100-5,000 nm³ per hour, with the nitrogen purity ranging between 90-99.5%.

Focused on strengthening its international presence, GRASYS is one of the largest and most established companies currently engaged in the field of gas separation, ranking among the world leading manufacturers of membrane and adsorption plants for nitrogen and oxygen production and hydrogen concentration.