Witt-Gasetechnik has a reliable inline CO2 leak detector (Leak-Master® MAPMAX) that is capable of operating up to 15 cycles per minute. The equipment is designed to operate in conjunction with thermoforming and tray-sealing packaging equipment. This allows the entire output of the line to be tested poorly sealed items removed when coupled with selection devices. All data is stored and can be made available for further evaluation or as a quality log.

This is a significant improvement over previous methods where random testing was performed, either by hand in water baths or in complicated procedures using tracer gasses. Carbon Dioxide is a natural choice for a detector gas as it is safe to handle and it is present as it is generated by many foodstuffs.

A level of failure is expected in these packages as crumbs, drops of sauce and grease spatter on the sealing surface prevent complete sealing.