On January 11th 2010, the inauguration of the first European pilot, integrating the entire process of capturing and storing CO2, was held on the Lacq site in France.

Air Liquide is the technological partner of this industrial project, operated by Total, and is contributing to the project by supplying the technology of CO2 capture by means of oxycombustion.

In this process, the air in an industrial boiler is replaced with pure oxygen. The fumes obtained when they come out of the boiler are then very concentrated in CO2 (90%).

In the framework of this project, Air Liquide has developed burners designed for this technology and supplies the oxygen needed for oxycombustion through an on-site unit and the CO2 drying process, required for transport.

This CO2 is then transported to the Rousse geological storage site 27km from the Lacq plant, via pipeline, and then injected 4,500m deep into this former gas field.

Over the next two years, the industrial project plans to trap about 120,000 tons of carbon dioxide. This quantity of CO2 is equivalent to what is discharged by 40,000 vehicles during the same time period.