Cold Jet’s IceMaker PR350H is a state of the art dry ice pelletizer packed with features for easier operation, swift production shifts and high capacity production.

The easy to use machine has a two-minute start-up time and has the flexibility to produce two different sized pellets without changing the extruder plates, optimising production possibilities. The IceMaker produces up to 350kg/h of dry ice, turning about 1 kg of liquid carbon dioxide (CO2) into 0.5 kg of 3-10 or 16mm pellets, making the conversion rate the lowest for any pelletizer.

The PR350H was built on the latest technical advances in industrial PC controls, which includes a 15-inch multilingual colour touch display that connects to your LAN or internet. The entire display can be transferred to a computer desktop allowing for online support by using diagnostic software on the panel PC. The PR350H is also prepared for your companies control system. It can be a simple start/stop button or a more sophisticated solution via a BUS/Ethernet connection.

The stainless-steel chamber provides a moisture free, COatmosphere within the casing which prevents ice build-up and makes the pelletizer easily accessible for maintenance.

Cold Jet's PR350H

Cold Jet’s PR350H

Source: Cold Jet