Heralding from the same county as gasworld’s very own headquarters is the Cornish pump manufacturer, Grosvenor Pumps. And just as Spring marks new themes for gasworld, it also sees Grosvenor Pumps introduce an extension to its ‘Varitronic’ range.

Aimed specifically at industrial automation applications, Varitronic offers a manageable solution to industry with accurate dosing and monitoring, local and remote alarm, alongside security features.

David Handley, Grosvenor Pumps Company Secretary, described the demand-driven move, “With increasing need for precision and health & safety requirements our customers wanted alternative means of controlling flow rates rather than using the traditional variators. The Varitronic eliminates the need to use mechanical variators although some of our customers still need the manual turndown variators which Grosvenor Pumps continues to supply.”

“The Varitronic provides powerful user adaptability to cater for a range of process requirements and application scenarios for instance; the unit can be supplied with a lock-off switch and can be configured to prevent unauthorised access to control parameters. The unit gives high visibility LED display and an indication of pump flow rate as well as alternative real time information.”

With the varitronic control system, Grosvenor Pumps has enabled customers to fit the device to any Grosvenor Pump and, moreover, control the unit locally or remotely, both on and off site. The Varitronic is available from 0.37kW to 7.5kW.