To help boost the availability of oxygen in hospitals, India’s PM Cares Fund has given in-principle approval for funds to install 551 dedicated pressure swing adsorption (PSA) medical oxygen generation plants inside public health facilities across the country.

Such news was confirmed on Sunday (25th April) to help serve as a major boost to oxygen availability at the district level.

The Indian Government hopes to have the plants functional as soon as possible.

gasworld understands that a meeting was held between the Indian Prime Minister and various industry leaders in the country in the last few days, with the All India Industrial Gas Manufacturer’s Association (AIIGMA) also present (pictured below).


Source: Saket Tiku / AIIGMA

At the time of writing, new coronavirus infections in India hit a record peak of 352,991 new cases and 2,812 deaths for a fifth day on Monday (26th April), with hospitals overwhelmed and fearful of oxygen shortages. 

Countries around the world have offered to help and India has begun to airlift in medical supplies from abroad.

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gasworld reported on Monday 19th April how several states across India were understood to be flagging oxygen shortages as Covid cases surged, with the government announcing that oxygen supply would be restricted to just nine industries from Thursday 22nd April.

Industrial oxygen supply is now restricted to those entities involved in refilling cylinders, the pharma sector, steel plants, oil refineries, wastewater treatment, food and water treatment, nuclear energy facilities and continuous production sites that must keep processes running.

On Friday (23rd) it emerged that India had turned to the international industrial gas community for help in meeting its oxygen needs, with the Indian Government issuing a tender for 50,000 tonnes of medical liquid oxygen, open to the international community as well as those within India.