Governor R.L. Bhatia's call was during the inauguration of the 29th national seminar on industrial gases, organised by the All India Industrial Gases Manufacturers' Association.
Bhatia also announced that due to the policy of liberalisation and steady growth within the steel and metallurgical industries, the industrial gas sector is poised for a vibrant period ahead, though the sector must streamline its activities to upgrade the manufacturing potential and to allow for the improvements in product quality. It should also consider further means of utilisation and maintenance of maximum safety.
Siddharth Patel, president of the association, said the industrial gas market was growing at a rapid pace. $quot;The expected growth rate was 20-25 per cent in the next few years. India was the 18th largest industrial gas market in the world and was expected to be among the top five by 2020. The growth of steel and pharma market as well as the emerging applications in glass, oil, electronics, fibre optics and food preservation would contribute to the growth of the industrial gas sector$quot; he said.
The two-day seminar aims at creating a common platform for entrepreneurs, technocrats and policy makers. The theme of the seminar is `safety and customer service enhance productivity'.
AIIGMA association was established in 1975 and members include manufacturers of industrial gases as well as allied equipment manufacturers and foreign companies connected with the industrial gas industry in India.