The National Pharmaceutical Pricing Authority (NPPA), India, has capped the price of liquid medical oxygen and medical oxygen cylinders.

Effective for six months, the capping is in response to the increased demand for medical oxygen due to the rising cases of coronavirus.

Announced over the weekend, the capping follows India’s Ministry of Road Transport and Highways last week scrapping permit requirements for vehicles carrying medical oxygen.

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In a statement, NPPA, said, “The Government is committed to uninterrupted supply of medical oxygen, especially in the times of a pandemic.”

“Due to the absence of a price cap on liquid medical oxygen, manufacturers have hiked prices to fillers. During COVID, supply of medical oxygen through cylinders has increased.”

“Price regulation at this end is imperative for continued availability of medical oxygen across the country.”

“The above measures will ensure availability of medical oxygen at consumer end at reasonable price both at hospital level and through oxygen cylinders, especially to distant and interior districts.”

At the time of writing, India has reported over six million cases of coronavirus and 95,574 deaths.