India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi today (9th July) reviewed the progress of oxygen augmentation and availability across the country as it continues to fight against the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic.

During a high-level meeting, officials briefed the PM about the upcoming oxygen plant developments that are set to soon come onstream across India.

It is believed that more than 1,500 PSA oxygen plants are being built across the nation.

Taking advantage of the new facilities, the PM instructed officials to ensure that the plants are made functional at the earlier possible point. Officials must work closely with state governments on this.

As well as urging the functionality of the plants themselves, the PM also asked officials to ensure that adequate training of hospital stuff for the operation and maintenance of oxygen plants is carried out.

To do this, the officials must ensure that each district has trained personnel available.

On this, officials informed the PM that there is a training module prepared by experts and that they hope to target the training to approximately 8,000 people across the country.

Utilising the technologies which are available on the market today, the PM also said that Internet of Things (IoT) technology should be deployed at each of the sites to track performance and the plant’s functioning.

In response to this, it is believed that officials apprised the PM about a pilot currently being developed which is using IoT for monitoring the performance of the oxygen plants.

Principal Secretary to PM, Cabinet Secretary, Secretary Health, Secretary MoHUA and other important officials were present in the meeting.