Air Products have announced that its joint venture companies in India and south Africa have successfully introduced Process Technology International, Inc.’s (PTI) JetBOx® system to local steel making industries.

The new technology allows customers to improve the efficiency of Electric Arc Furnaces (EAF) and, consequently, the performance of their steel making operation.

The JetBOx® system works by positioning a variety of energy-injecting nozzles close to a molten steel bath, which increases the efficient use of oxygen and therefore an increase in the performance of the furnace. The productivity of the furnace is enhanced and reduces energy consumption.

In India, Lloyds Steel Industries Limited, a customer of INOX Air Products Limited, and Ispat Iscor Limited, a customer of Air Products South Africa Limited have recently awarded major contracts to PTI for the JetBOx® system technology.

Commenting on their decision to purchase the JetBOx® technology, Rajesh Gupta, Managing Director of Lloyds Steel Industries said, “The PTI-INOX Air Products team studied our case and proposed a solution that would meet our needs. Our selection was influenced as much as by PTI’s technological suitability, as by synergies between INOX Air Products and PTI. Thus, INOX Air Products, who has been consistently servicing our gases demand, has helped us with both our EAF combustion system needs, as well as our oxygen supplies.”