A new medical facility in East Jakarta, Indonesia called Gotong Royong Oxygen House provides oxygen support for Covid-19 patients with moderate symptoms and was recently inspected by President Joko Widodo.

Due for completion in early August of this year, the facility will accommodate around 500 patients, according to Widodo. The oxygen house is a collaboration between Indonesian technology company GoTo, the Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and gas production company PT Aneka Gas Industry (PT Aneka), with support from other manufacturing companies.

The facility is semi-permanent and is constructed near an oxygen manufacturer owned by PT Aneka. The oxygen house is set to be filled with 500 treatment beds. According to Andre Soelistyo, CEO, GoTo, each bed will have direct access to oxygen supplied from gas manufacturer, Samator.

Soelistyo said, “Why did we choose this site? Because the access is directly from pipes, so (the oxygen is given) directly from the oxygen manufacturer to the bed. This way, access to oxygen supply becomes easier.”

With a heavy burden being placed upon hospitals in the country, the oxygen house also helps to alleviate the pressure felt by hospitals during the pandemic.