In the celebrity obsessed, modern day society of good looks, sharp dressing and surgical enhancements, there’s a thriving market for skin rejuvenating products and a new therapy involving an industrial gas is proving a hit in South America.

Carbox therapy involves the injection of carbon dioxide into the skin using a tiny needle to permeate the skin’s outer level, which in turn diffuses into the adjacent tissues and skin cells.

Still a relatively new technology and increasingly popular in South America as a treatment for cellulite, the injection of CO2 allows the blood vessels to dilate, encouraging a stronger blood supply to the skin cells which helps with the flow of oxygen and nutrients to the treated area.

Primarily marketed worldwide as an effective treatment for cellulite and originally used to remedy stretch-marks, loose or flabby skin and even light scarring, it is increasingly gaining popularity in the US and parts of South America for the treatment of skin ageing.

Indeed, Carbox therapy was labelled as ‘Miracle Gas’ by Brazilian Vogue Magazine and word of the cure has reached Europe, where it is to be marketed as the CO2 Rejuvenation System by RioBlush – a non-invasive treatment to rival Botox.

Enabling the skin to produce more collagen, leaving fewer fat cells and in turn leaving a firmer, younger looking skin, while many can doubt the importance of gases in the industry and beyond, perhaps few could envisage it being quite so popular in the field of beauty treatment