Tier One corporation Praxair, Inc. has announced yet another price rise on its products, affecting bulk gas and medical gas customers in North America.

Effective as of 1st January, 2017, or as contracts permit, the 15% price increase affects supplies of nitrogen, oxygen, argon, hydrogen, helium and carbon dioxide, as well as facility fees and rent.

A press release claimed these adjustments were in response to “rising costs” and that they will support the capital investment required for continued supply reliability of Praxair’s operations.

This is the third price increase in the last 12 months for Praxair. The company implemented a 10-20% price rise for bulk gases and facility fees at the beginning of 2016 with a further increase of 15% for bulk industrial gases in July.

Praxair outlined that individual price adjustments may be higher or lower in accordance with contract provisions.

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