As global share prices slumped across the globe this week shares in industrial gas producers have weathered the storm.

Companies registered on the New York stock exchange (notably Praxair and Air Products) had the bumpiest ride yesterday with shares dropping considerably as the exchange opened, though these losses were recovered by lunchtime. Air Products stock was particularly buoyant, managing a large increase in afternoon trading. Both stocks are now trading at or around their pre-slump levels.

In Europe the situation looks a little different. Air Liquide, trading from the Paris stock exchange, finished yesterday with a drop in share price of around 2.49 per cent and the Linde Group also registered losses on its German listings. However it's worth noting the drop in Air Liquide stocks could be less to do with the wobbly market, and instead related to a newspaper interview given by its chief executive saying its acquisition opportunities are dwindling.

On the Asian markets share prices are still showing considerable losses from the previous market average, though the margins are growing smaller.

Experts believe the massive downturn in global stocks is the result of a necessary correction to the overheating Chinese market, and although there may be further drops overall trends should not be affected.