Industrial Scientific Corporation has released the new MX6 iBrid, the first gas monitor to feature a full-color LCD display screen.

Armed with a 95 dB alarm, MX6 iBrid(TM) can detect 1-6 gases, including oxygen, combustible gases, and up to 4 toxic gases. They say the MX6 color display improves safety with clear readings in low-light, bright-light or anywhere in between. Whether the work is outside, inside or underground, they say it's easy to see what gas hazards may be present in the immediate work environment.

The display also supports on-board graphing and a menu-driven PEG (Portable Embedded GUI) operating system that allows the user to step through instrument functions with an intuitive menu and the instrument's five-way navigation button. The MX6 also adds flexibility for multilingual and international work forces with one of eight available pre-programmed languages.