Industrial Scientific, a gas detection expert, has released its latest rugged, transportable gas detection monitor featuring the latest technological advances.

The RadiusTM BZ1 Area Monitor detects up to seven gases using 15 sensor options and provides an industry-leading run time of 168 continuous hours. The device is suited for long-term projects, routine maintenance and emergency response.

The instrument helps workers in industrial environments identify gas hazards through distinctive audio and visual cues. The monitor features the largest display screen of any area monitor on the market and shows custom alarm messages such as ‘evacuate’ or ‘ventilate.’

Radius bz1 industrial scientific

Source: Industrial Scientific

With the Radius BZ1, Industrial Scientific is also launching its LENSTM Wireless platform – a peer-to-peer communication system that shares alarms and gas reading between monitors to enhance worksite safety. It has been designed to respond with real-time information across information platforms when gas emergencies occur without the need for setup or infrastructure.

Justin McElhattan, President and CEO of the US-based business, commented, “We are looking to redefine area monitoring by making it simpler for the user, yet more sophisticated in terms of the connectivity and safety features it provides.”