Industrial Scientific has launched a new two-gas monitor to increase site safety.

Called Tango® TX2, the innovation allows users to detect two gases with one small, reliable monitor and helps reduce project shutdowns from false alarms, increases worker trust in gas monitors, and minimises time spent on monitor charging and maintenance.

“Our new Tango TX2 gives customers an option for true two-gas monitoring with dedicated sensors in the size of a personal single-gas instrument,” said Tom Henson, Vice-President of Product Management and Marketing at Industrial Scientific.

“In working with customers, we found a gap in the ability to easily monitor a second gas without adding the size and cost of a four-gas monitor or adding the risk of false alarms typical in combination sensors.”

“Tango TX2 allows companies to reduce risk while cutting the time and expense of device maintenance. Simple, reliable monitors increase worker safety, bringing us closer to our vision of ending death on the job by 2050.”