Industrial System Engineering (ISE), established in 2007 in Davenport, Iowa, designs and installs industrial, medical and cryogenic systems. The Iowa-based company also provides innovative approaches to automate control systems and integrates telemetry to provide systems that will be ultra-reliable.

ISE has worked with industrial gases and gas systems for decades. During that time, it has identified many methods to improve efficiency in using these various gases, thereby helping customers to save money. ISE has also developed and built telemetry systems which can monitor gas systems on a real-time basis, helping to keep processes in control and manufacturing running.

Industrial System Engineering started buying and selling used cryogenic equipment. It quickly started providing industrial gas system design services for major equipment manufacturing applications. ISE worked very closely with a local welding supply distributor, and worked collaboratively with them on gas loss prevention. One area that was mutually important was to reduce/eliminate argon losses. ISE did some testing, resolved some issues, and eventually built a system that provides significant decreases in argon losses in certain applications.

ISE believes some of its milestones have included:

  • Successful test to eliminate argon loss during Orca microbulk delivery truck fill
  • Successful development of manufactured systems to eliminate argon loss
  • Development of other systems to significantly reduce gases in a variety of customer applications

ISE offers industrial gas system designs; gas filter systems for gases; argon-conserving devices and processes, and helium conserving systems in special applications.

ISE is strongly focused on the argon conserving systems which have been successful in helping distributors reduce argon losses.

The Argon HERO – the Heat Exchange Rate Optimizer – was released to the market this year and claims to save costs by preventing the loss of argon during transfer from bulk tanks to microbulk delivery systems such as Chart’s Orca™.

CEO and owner Ralph Johanson has 30 years of experience in industrial gases, cryogenic fluids, and systems design.

Johanson told gasworld earlier this year, “The general idea of the HERO is to run argon through pipes cooled by nitrogen, to take the heat out of the argon, which then enters the truck or cylinder super-cooled. The cost of the nitrogen cooling is much more economical and much less, gas-loss-wise, when compared to the argon loss.”

Johanson added, “We have been able to work directly with end-users in developing methods to decrease specialty gas losses. This has helped us understand why the losses occur, and provide strategies that profoundly change the way that the specialty gases are used, thereby reducing loss and saving the customer a lot of money. We look forward to continuing to design and provide systems for various applications that will help conserve our valuable natural resources, and reduce losses in a variety of gas applications.”