Infra de El Salvador (Infrasal), Grupo Infra’s joint venture with the OXGASA Group from El Salvador, has confirmed the start-up of its new ASU that will supply high purity gases to the Salvadorean market.

The ASU plant is strategically located in San Bartolo, San Salvador, in the heart of a busy Industrial zone.

The new plant, a Poplar 1500 model designed by Cosmodyne LLC, was designed to fulfill the higher standards of reliability for purity and supply demanded by this growing market – thus consolidating Infra’s presence and leadership in the country and the Central America region.

The installed capacity of 100 tpd, considering liquid and gaseous products, will allow Infrasal to supply high purity oxygen, nitrogen and argon to the industrial, medical and specialty markets. This will be complemented with experience in the supply of other pure industrial gases and special mixes such as helium, nitrous oxide, welding mixes, and calibration standards, among others.

The new production facilities are closer to the consumption points, encouraging the development of new industries and the growth of already well-established industries such as steel mills, electronics and food & beverages.

This shows the Infra Group’s commitment to the development of new markets and technologies and consolidates its position as the leading industrial gas supplier in the region.