InnoTech Alberta, a subsidiary of Alberta Innovates, will today begin the move of a carbon capture unit – fabricated by ALCO Gas & Oil Equipment, in Edmonton – to the Alberta Carbon Conversion Technology Centre, on the outskirts of Calgary.

The unit, designed in Switzerland and built by ALCO in Edmonton, will provide concentrated CO2 from the Shepard Energy Centre five teams competing for a $7.5m prize in the NRG COSIA Carbon XPRIZE.

For the competition, participating teams are demonstrating the most suitable way to capture and convert CO2into usable products such as concrete, alcohol, plastics, soap, and more.

“InnoTech Alberta is hard a work making innovation happen for our clients and for Albertans,” said Steve McMahon, Chief Operating Officer at InnoTech Alberta.

“The magnitude of this move is enormous, and it is critical to the work at the Alberta Carbon Conversion Technology Centre.”

“It will benefit the NRG I COSIA Carbon XPRIZE competitors, as well as increase the value and viability of the ACCTC for many years to come.”


Source: Alberta Innovates

The CO2 capture unit, and related equipment measure 68 feet x 21 feet x 24 feet (20.7 meters x 6.5 meters x 7.3 meters). The entire shipment weighs about 190,627 lbs (86.5 tonnes).