BOC and TCP are extremely pleased to announce that the Ecolite-TH2, the world’s first low energy LED hydrogen fuel cell powered lighting tower, has been shortlisted for a prestigious award.

The award is the Highways Industry Product of the Year category as part of the Highways Magazine Excellence Awards 2015.

The Ecolite-H2 lighting tower using GENIE lightweight hydrogen cylinders Powered by BOC’s HYMERA fuel cell technology and incorporating Linde’s innovative GENIE® lightweight hydrogen cylinder, the Ecolite-TH2 tower provides - at point of delivery - carbon-free, emission-free and noise-free lighting.

It is fully autonomous, with a run time of between 50 and 750 hours depending upon fuel cylinder configuration and features dusk to dawn auto switching.

The Ecolite-TH2 was nominated by customer ‘A-one+’ for the coveted industry awards, which recognise products that have been developed and made available for use in the highways industry.

With no internal combustion engine or harmful emissions, Ecolite-TH2 can be used in areas where emissions from diesel or petrol engines are an issue.

This makes Ecolite-H2 suitable for locations where traditional lighting towers cannot be used. It is also ideal for environmentally sensitive areas where there must be zero risk of contamination.

Nathan Palmer, BOC Director of Bulk and Packaged Gases, commented, “We are delighted that the Ecolite-TH2 tower has achieved recognition at the Highways Magazine Excellence Awards. BOC is committed to hydrogen as a fuel and the Ecolite-TH2 tower proves that this is not just something for the future but is a deliverable today.”

BOC’s HYMERA fuel cell produces energy by combining hydrogen with oxygen (from the atmosphere) to produce electricity and water.

There are no carbon or particulate emissions as would be the case with a conventional diesel powered generator. In addition, the process is virtually silent which is important for work at night or in built-up areas and enclosed spaces.